Level Up Your Business Presence. Let's build a solid foundation for your brand and create a cohesive identity

This is real, in-depth, personalized business development.

I will look at the big picture and build your business in a strategic way, so that it allows you to grow your business from a place of trust instead of confusion.

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Step away from the overwhelm, gain a done-for-you brand identity and website that works for you

Have spare time to work on your business in other ways you love

Lets together inspire and create a meaningful connection with your clients.

From defining your core audience and clarifying your brand message to creating a visual brand and online presence that converts your target audience into a raving community – I’m here to help you gain clarity around your brand and create a high quality visual identity. This will give you the confidence to take action and show-up consistently in order to grow your business.

Your brand can be flexible, desirable and consistence at the same time – and consistently recognizable to its intended audience. Build effective identity keep your business fresh, human, consistence and trustable.

What is the benefits of investing early in brand strategy and discovery your brand personality?

Customer Loyalty

Because you've taken the time to understand your audience, your positioning, personality, and message resonate deeply with your customers, endearing them to your brand.


You've assessed the competitive situation and discovered an underserved opportunity in the market. As a result, you deliver clear messaging to your customer on how you're different


All of your marketing materials, like web site, blog, social assets, and campaigns, will deliver the same key message consistently. You'll know what to say and how to say it.


Everyone on your team, from full-timers to interns to contractors, will be supplied with those clear message and equipped to communicate them in their work, whether that's an ad, email or any other material.


Since everyone is aligned around clear and powerful messages, you no longer have to spend time thinking about and debating what your communication should look and sound like.

Brand Foundation & Strategy

A strong Brand Foundation serves as a guide for developing the brand’s identity, consumer relationships, and marketing. Clearly define your target audience and formulate a brand strategy and persona that will speak directly to your audience.

Your brand strategy maintains your team aligned and focused on a high-impact story, avoiding brand drift along the way.

+ Brand Purpose

+ Brand Vision

+ Brand Value

+ Target Audience

+ Market Research

+ Awareness Goals

+ Brand Personality

+ Brand Voice and Tone

+ Brand Story

+ Brand Essence

+ Brand Strategy Guideline PDF

TIMESCALE: 3-4 weeks

Investment:$CAD 5,500.00

Payment plans available

(Re) Brand Design & Logo Design

My process branding are designed to provide you with the perfect foundation to meet your immediate design needs while providing you with the right tools and resources to support your brand as your business continues to grow. Your colours, shapes, typography, all elements will be created based on your Brand Strategy and Personality defined on the phase previously.

By providing a high-quality identity, we are able o express your brand visually. Making sure your brand communicates clear with your costumers your core values.

+ Visual Marketing Research

+ Appling you Brand Personality + Visual Analisys

+ Logo Design - 2 to 3 Samples

+ Logo guide-line

+ Colors

+ Typography

+ Imagery

+ Icons

+ Contrast and Composition

+ Online Advertising

+ 1 to 2 Social Media Personalization (based on your marketing needs)

+ Business Card

+ Brand Layers (hierarchical treatments)

+ The Perfect POwer Point Presentation for your business

+ Brand Portal - Your Guideline web based - FOR LIFETIME

TIMESCALE: 10 weeks

Investment: $CAD 20,000.00

Payment plans available

UI/UX & Web Design

Totally focus on your goals and the user experience. Together, we will bring your brand to life in the form of a beautiful website that communicates your vision and speaks to your ideal clients.

Having a website that is professionally designed ensures your site will give visitors a good first impression. Amateur websites can come across as unprofessional and less credible.

+ Website analysis & strategy

+ Website UI & UX

+ Website Wireframe

+ Ecomerce Funcionality

+ Landing Page


+ SEO Tools

+ Mobile-friendly

+ Web Hosting & Domain setup (if needed)

+ Platforms: Wix / Wordpress / Webflow

+ Copyright and Content Writing

+ 1 Hour Training Session

TIMESCALE: 4weeks +

INVESTMENT: Starting from $ CAD 3.000

Payment plans available will depend of the size of the project

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The Process..

From creating your brand foundadion, design your brand identity, to crafting your website, I’am here to help businesses at any stage level-up and get results online.

I work alongside you to create a visual identity and results-driven strategy that connects your story with those who need your work the most. Walking through my framework brand development, we’ll dive into the mission, core values and big dreams that define your brand, by creating a clean design and successufully implementation. Let’s align your brand essence with your business, bring your brand’s heart to life through intentional design, and strategize to connect with your ideal client authentically. Here is how I can help with your business grow:


Understanding your business

Lets chat! A call will set up in order to understand better your business and where are you right now. Also a briefing will be provided in order to gather information quickly and effectively about the overview of your Business, your needs, target audience, your needs and other fundamental information. This document is fundamental. Based on your answer I will be able to analyze the best direction and the solutions that will best fit those needs.


Analysis & Strategy

From defining your core audience and clarifying your brand message to creating a visual brand and online presence that converts your target audience into a raving community – I’m here to help you gain clarity around your brand and create a brand strategy that converts. This will give you the confidence to take action and show-up consistently in order to grow your business.


Build your brand foundadion

In this phase we will set up your Brand Foundadion and Brand Strategy. I will build your brand based in psychology and your unique personality, this way your brand will be shaped based on your core values. By having your brand covered you wil save time, money and increase your value in the market.



Once the strategy is defined, I will defines how a brand image will be presented in relation to a defined audi-ence and the competition, so that it is attractive to that audience and stands out from competitors.

This is where the back-end magic happens! We’ll have already agreed to the direction and strategy, so you sit back and we’ll do all the work to bring our designs to life.

I’ll get to work crafting the components for your designs, presenting you the design options and allowing for revisions so you always end up with a design you love.


Development & Launch

At this step we alredy have a strong Brand Foundadion and Strategy at table as well your identity visual it ready.

So here we will take all we create before and apply as your you start to expossure your brand out there.

No confusion, no extra time repeating discussions that should have already been made, no need to redefine your brand. Time to launched your new online presence with consistent branding.

A cohesive, well-articulated brand increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all your marketing initiatives.

Your brand is aligned with your business.

Unique and high quality visual identity.

Your Brand design 100% focus on strategy.

You now have clarity and direction.
Your brand is well structure and you have more confidence.

You are more confidence related to raising your prices since now you have a plan and strategies that reflect your voice and image.

Sweet words from past clients...


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